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July 2020 - Newsletter #5

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You Have an Advantage When Drug Shortages Surge

You're not alone! Check out this new survey: "Americans Continue to Cite Safety and Affordability as Primary Reasons for Personal Prescription Importation from Canada."

Our weekly newsletters have explained that out of stock pharmaceuticals are at an all time high worldwide. We are not the only ones who are concerned. So too are drug manufacturers, the American Medical Association, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and pharmacists in the United Kingdom and Canada. Earlier this week in fact, we featured a Canadian pharmacist on the television news confirming prescription drug shortages, 'across the board'.

The Advantage During this Time of Prescription Drug Shortages

Propylthiouracil is an important drug used to manage hyperthyroidism. It has recently become unavailable in Canada. According to Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, officials are in a "scramble" to "secure another supply, such as from a foreign country."

But customers haven't had to scramble since their supply from us has continued without interruption because we have long sourced products from our approved supply network, which spans several countries. That way, if there is a shortage in one region for a medication you need, we are able to quickly shift to one or more of our approved suppliers in other regions to procure your vital prescription drugs and get them on their way to you.

We've been procuring hard to get products for our customers in this way before and throughout the pandemic. Another one of many examples is the drug hydroxychloroquine. Patients with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis worldwide were reporting in March and April that they could not access this medication, which is vital to maintaining their daily lives when living with these serious health conditions. So acted quickly through its supply network to secure and supply hydroxychloroquine to all its customers who are diagnosed with these health conditions.

What Happens When a Drug is Unavailable Worldwide?

Increasingly, various pharmaceutical products are shorted with no ETA in every region we are sourcing from and that is concerning because it means we cannot currently supply such products at all.

… one very real consequence of the rise in drug shortages is a corresponding rise in criminals peddling counterfeit drugs …

We are acutely aware that timely delivery of your vital prescription medications is of critical importance but one very real consequence of the rise in drug shortages is a corresponding rise in criminals peddling counterfeit drugs and drug authenticity is a paramount concern to us. We know it is to you too. implements a number of safety procedures and supplier vetting protocols and has successfully supplied millions of prescription and non-prescription products to consumers for more than a decade. When it comes to our suppliers, we review among other things, proper fulfillment procedures, government approvals and product pedigree. It may surprise customers to know that the number of suppliers through which we procure products is necessarily small and our vetting criteria means we have not approved any new supplier applications for several years. It is very important to maintain a small list of approved suppliers that are well-established pharmaceutical procurement specialists who are keenly aware of their local markets and who have robust supply capabilities. We only affiliate with pharmacies and international fulfillment centers that meet the Canadian International Pharmacy Association's stringent safety protocols.

You can be assured that will not permit its customer orders to be fulfilled outside of its licensed, vetted and trusted suppliers. This is to continue to ensure the safety and authenticity of products you receive through us. If that means there is a delay in sourcing inventory of drugs in short supply, then it is something for which there is no workaround. puts safety above expediency.

Instead, we've implemented a program to keep orders for items, that are out of stock with all our suppliers, in a queue and then contact customers as soon as their ordered item is available - from our licensed, vetted and trusted suppliers only.

Take Advantage of the Reduced Shipping Fee

Despite soaring shipping rates, we've reduced our shipping fee to help minimize the impact on our customers and make it easier to order their medications now. But we do not know what further Covid-19 surcharges or other rate increases we will face in the coming weeks so we may only be able to maintain the lower shipping fee of today for a limited time.

While the good news is that has been successfully taking, processing and delivering affordable prescription drugs throughout the entire coronavirus crisis and continues to, we do not want our customers to be in a position where procurement of inventory and delivery times could be more negatively impacted than they already are today and we believe it is our duty to diligently inform customers of the risk of this happening.

Please take advantage of the potentially time-limited reduced shipping fee and don't wait for more pharmaceutical shortages or delivery systems to experience further delays as the coronavirus is spreading again. We encourage customers who may need medications in the coming months to place their orders now and those whose pending orders await shipping to keep their orders active and in the queue, which ensures they are locked in at the original price quoted at the time of placing the order. That's beneficial to you because we've absorbed much of the coronavirus-related increases in product acquisition and shipping costs that we've faced to date but may be unable to do so for much longer. Also, the limited pharmaceutical supply, available cargo space for transport and customs clearances will all be allocated to customers on a first-come-first-served basis and we anticipate that it may be quite some time before worldwide drug supply and delivery systems return to normal.

With more than 375,000 customer reviews, is the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world providing lower cost medications from abroad to customers worldwide. No competitor offering lower cost pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity during this difficult time so please be assured we are successfully leveraging all our capacity to ensure orders reach customers as fast as possible in the circumstances.

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