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BRAND LISTING - Ombrelle Kids Lotion (Mexoryl SX)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
SPF 45

Ombrelle Kids Lotion

Ombrelle Kids Lotion (Mexoryl SX) with SPF (sun protection factor) is designed for kids with sun-sensitive or fair skin that are susceptible to the cumulative effects of ultra violet rays from the sun. The active ingredients include Mexoryl SX that has gained momentum in the field of skincare because of its ability to protect skin against the sun’s UVA-rays. These rays are considered dangerous as they reach deep into your skin and cause damage while UVB-rays affects the more superficial skin layers.

Skin protection is essential when children are outside exposed to sunlight and wearing a hat may not be enough to protect them from a sunburn that can result in wrinkles at a younger age, or worse, skin cancer that can develop later in life. Protect children’s skin with Ombrelle Kids Lotion now to avoid damage later in life.

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