Sweet as Honey

Comb-ing Through Honey’s Beauty Benefits

Honey, though delicious to eat, has many uses other than tasting great on toast. This sweet substance can be used in many of your daily beauty rituals. From treating acne to a bad sunburn—honey has added benefits to keep you looking your best. The antioxidants in honey can help repair and protect against skin damage. Honey also contains enzymes that help make dull hair shine.

Explore these 11 DIY beauty recipes that champion honey as your newest beauty secret. With only a couple other ingredients you can easily make all of these recipes and incorporate them into your beauty routine.

Sweet as Honey: Comb-ing Through Honey’s Beauty Benefits

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This ACTUALLY WORKS – putting honey on wounds!!!! I learned this when my Mom was in the hospital and they found out that she had “pressure ulcers”. She had bedsores that had gotten so wide and so deep that they were not pressure sores but ulcers. I remembered how the hospital had applied a “honey patch on my Mom’s bottom that caused her wounds to begin healing; so I tried this on my daughter as well.

My Daughter had found what she thought was a split on her side, but instead of a split, it was a wound at a much smaller level that resembled a pressure ulcer from when she had been sweating. I cleaned her wound, cut a small piece of the honey patch on her wound, covered it with a bandage, and when she awoke ne next morning and bathed, I looked at it, the hole was closed (a great deal), and her skin was turning pink in order to turn back her natural color!

I also use honey in my hair with an egg and oils. LOVE IT!!!!

This seems like a good idea, however, the entire article is un-readable, out-of-focus.

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