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Your Body on Meditation

Meditation is more than just sitting lotus style and working on your ohm for hours on end. Setting aside 10 minutes from your day and relaxing your mind can have lasting health benefits. From controlling emotional responses to improving bodily health—meditation can give you a new lease on life.

Just 4 days of meditation can improve your attention span. Those who practice meditation have also been shown to have a 48% risk reduction for a heart attack or stroke. Take time to rest and relax your mind and improve your quality of life today.

Your Body on Meditation

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Thank you SO much for creating this amazingly simple-yet-complex article. For years I’ve been searching for the best way to properly explain meditation to those who have heard of it but who don’t quite understand the truly wonderful an breathtaking benefits of meditation. I’ve shared this on my company facebook and have already had someone “favorite” the link via Twitter. Many, many thanks.

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