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Top 9 Best Anti Nausea Medicines

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May 8, 2023
Nausea Medicines

Anti nausea medicine is an essential part of the cancer care journey for most patients.

Think about it: When undergoing chemotherapy, patients expose their bodies to extremely intense chemicals. That’s necessary to target, shrink, and eradicate cancer cells – but it does a number on the rest of the body, too.

When your body reacts to chemo after your treatment, you need the best anti-nausea medicines to avoid a week of vomiting and skip straight to post-treatment self-care.

If you’re wondering what to take for cancer-related nausea (or other types of post-op nausea), you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Nine Best Anti-Nausea Medicines (2023 Guide)

If you’re wondering what to take for nausea, whether post-op, seeking support through your cancer treatment regimen, or just needing to go through your day without feeling sick to your stomach, consider these nine popular medications.


Emend (aprepitant) belongs to a class of medicines called anti-emetics. This pharmacological term just means “anti-nausea” or “anti-vomiting” medication.

Doctors typically prescribe Emend post-operatively. Sometimes, after undergoing cancer surgery or other treatments (such as chemotherapy), patients feel nauseated for several days. This prolongs negative experiences associated with necessary cancer care and makes it more challenging to recover strength as a patient.

During cancer treatment, the digestive system releases chemical messengers that trigger the vomiting center in the human brain. Emend blocks the pro-vomiting pathway, so the brain no longer receives that message.

Emend may be taken alongside corticosteroids and other anti-nausea drugs.

How Much Does Emend Cost?

American patients may pay as much as $500.00 for just two capsules of Emend. (Cancer care is very expensive in the United States.)

Through, you can buy one pack of three Emend capsules, or a typical treatment course, for around $200.00 – up to 73% in savings.


Zofran (ondansetron) is a drug that can reduce or prevent nausea associated with cancer, surgery, and pregnancy.

If patients are preparing for surgery, anti-nausea medication can be more than just helpful for quality of life. Surgeries that involve the upper half of the human body may also impact the upper digestive tract. And, if the upper digestive tract is strained or stressed – as it is when we vomit – that can make surgery and recovery more complicated than it needs to be.

Patients who take Zofran before cancer treatments may recuperate faster and often have a better care experience. Zofran comes in several forms: Cancer patients may receive an injection immediately before their inpatient treatment and receive a prescription for oral Zofran to take at home afterward.

Like Emend, Zofran blocks pro-vomiting communication between the gut and brain. They each block specific receptors in that messaging pathway, giving patients different ways to achieve the same result.

How Much Does Zofran Cost?

Zofran can be difficult to find, but American patients may be able to buy three Zofran tablets for around $122.00 in some pharmacies.

Alternatively, through, you can buy 30 tablets of Zofran starting at around $250.00 – up to 80% in savings.

Nausea Medicines

Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets

Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets (ondansetron) provide the same anti-nausea effect as the Zofran pills mentioned above, just in a more accessible format.

If you’re vomiting, it can be difficult to keep down a pill you need to swallow. Zofran injections neatly sidestep this problem, but going into a hospital or doctor’s office to get multiple injections after every treatment isn’t always an option.

Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets offer another way.

Patients can place Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets under their tongues, which will melt or dissolve. When patients are nauseated, this is a much more helpful way to get the medicine they need.

How Much Do Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets Cost?

In America, Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets cost about $40.00 each. Depending on your treatment regimen, you could pay hundreds on your post-care anti-nausea treatment.

Through, you can buy brand-name Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets in a pack of 10 for about $90.00 – up to 77% in savings.

Aloxi Injection

Aloxi Injection (palonosetron HCl) is an anti-nausea medicine that blocks serotonin from triggering the brain’s vomiting center – much like Zofran and Emend. However, Aloxi is a newer drug, and it comes with a few specific benefits.

For example:

  • Aloxi may last longer than other similar anti-emetic drugs.
  • Aloxi helps prevent both delayed and acute nausea.
  • Many anti-emetic drugs trigger side effects such as constipation and headache. Aloxi is associated with lower rates of these effects.
  • Aloxi does not have significant interactions with most other cancer-care or chemotherapy drugs, which reduces the likelihood of side effects or interrupted treatment.

Together, this creates a compelling case for Aloxi. As Aloxi is an injection, it can only be administered in a clinic or hospital setting. This can drive Aloxi costs up considerably.

How Much Does the Aloxi Injection Cost?

You can buy a 5mL bottle of Aloxi Injection for around $330.00 through

Bonine Anti-Nauseant - Called Bonamine in Canada

Bonine Anti-Nauseant (meclizine HCl) is an anti-nausea medicine that can help with motion sickness.

Meclizine HCl is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are often associated with allergy relief, but they can treat symptoms of vertigo, provide nausea relief, and help improve inner ear conditions.

Bonine or generic meclizine HCl reduces brain activity in the part of the brain controlling nausea. It can also reduce overactivity in the balance and motion center of the brain. This can make you feel more balanced and stable, even if you’re in a moving vehicle or any situation that could trigger motion sickness.

Patients usually take Bonine preventatively, an hour or so before they board a plane or set foot on a boat. Bonine can work for about eight hours.

How Much Does Bonine Anti-Nauseant Cost?

You can buy a pack of 8 Bonine Anti-Nauseant tablets through for around $13.00.

Diclegis (also known as Diclectin)

Diclegis (doxylamine/pyridoxine) is an anti-nausea drug that can help patients have a more pleasant experience after exposure to potentially-harmful chemicals – as is the case with chemotherapy.

Diclegis is not just for cancer patients. It’s also a popular option for people who are pregnant. In fact, pyridoxine, the second active ingredient in Diclegis, can help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, a dangerous high blood pressure condition that can happen in pregnancy.

How Much Does Diclegis Cost?

30 tablets of brand-name Diclegis start at around $250.00 in the United States, or about $8.30 per pill.

Alternatively, you can buy brand Diclegis for just under $2.00 per pill through – up to 75% in savings.

Nausea Medicines


Kytril (granisetron HCl) is prescribed to cancer patients after chemo or radiation therapy. It reduces vomiting or nausea in the days after treatment.

This does more than alleviate discomfort. The human body needs to heal after the type of intense treatments required to beat cancer. Constantly throwing up interferes with that healing process.

And, importantly, having an excellent anti-nausea medication can make it more likely that cancer patients will continue returning for treatment. (Think about it: If you don’t feel terrible for a week after a chemotherapy session, you’ll be much more inclined to attend treatment in the first place.) This increased adherence to treatment schedules can save the lives of cancer patients.

Kytril works by interfering with the messaging system between your gut and brain. Our immune systems trigger vomiting after exposure to harsh chemicals, which is usually a protective mechanism. After cancer treatment (and required chemical exposure), this is unhelpful.

Kytril is safe for elderly patients, effective, convenient, and long-lasting.

Of course, these benefits don’t come without a cost.

How Much Does Kyrtil Cost?

A supply of 30 generic Kytril tablets can cost up to $900.00 in the United States. That’s because brand Kytril tablets are complicated to find in America.

Through, you can buy 2 pills of brand-name Kytril for around $75.00.

Kytril Injection

Kytril Injection (granisetron HCl) is the same anti-emetic medicine as Kytril, just administered by a healthcare worker in a clinic or hospital setting.

Since Kytril Injection hits a patient’s bloodstream instantly, it can result in more efficient relief. Kytril Injection can also be added to a patient’s IV drip. Either way, Kytril Injection can help prevent the vomiting that usually occurs after chemotherapy.

How Much Does the Kytril Injection Cost?

Since Kytril injections are administered as part of chemotherapy treatment in a clinical setting, it can be difficult to pinpoint their precise cost. It can also be complicated to price-match, shop around, or buy them easily.

You can buy 5 single-dose Kytril Injection ampoules through for around $130.00.


Sancuso (granisetron transdermal system) is a transdermal patch that releases an anti-emetic agent.

Like Zofran Oral Dispersible Tablets, Sancuso offers chemotherapy patients a way to take anti-nausea medicines without swallowing a tablet and keeping it down. With Sancuso, patients can place a patch on their skin and experience alleviated nausea for up to five days.

Many patients take Sancuso preemptively. Talk with your doctor about treatment strategies, but often, patients will apply their transdermal patches 1-2 days before treatment.

That way, the brain’s vomiting center is prepared before treatment, and you should experience as little nausea as possible.

How Much Does Sancuso Cost?

One Sancuso patch costs American patients around $630.00.

You can buy the same Sancuso patch through for around $182.00 – up to 71% in savings.

What’s the Best Anti-Nausea Medicine for Me? FAQ

What Do Anti-Nausea Medications Do?

Anti-nausea medications block brain signals that trigger the brain’s vomiting center.

We have this system to protect us from toxic chemicals, but sometimes, vomiting isn’t helpful. It can dehydrate and weaken patients who need to heal properly. And being nauseated for days after essential treatment is also simply a bad experience!

How to Choose the Best Anti-Nausea Medications for Me?

Your doctor will help you choose the best anti-nausea medication for your situation and symptoms. The med you choose will depend on the reason for your nausea, overall health, any other medicines you may be taking, and other similar factors.

How to Find Out What to Take for Nausea?

Finding out what to take for nausea depends on what’s causing your nausea – and what you need to do while taking anti-nausea medication.

For example, motion sickness and cancer treatments require different anti-nausea meds. Your doctor can help you determine the best anti-nausea medicine for you.

Can You Take Anti-Nausea Cancer Meds if You Don’t Have Cancer?

While you can take anti-nausea meds without having cancer, you should only use medications designed for chemotherapy-induced vomiting if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

The type of anti-nausea medication you need will be specifically suited for the reason you have nausea. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all nausea med; talk with your doctor about why you have nausea, and they can recommend something helpful for you.

Are There Effective Natural Anti-Nausea Medications?

Yes, there are effective natural anti-nausea medications or treatments. For example, ginger can help with nausea. So can peppermint.

These can help with lower-grade queasy stomachs, or nausea associated with routine illnesses. If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, you will likely need something stronger to combat the intense vomiting often associated with cancer treatment.

Nausea Medicines

Where Can I Find the Best Anti-Nausea Medicines?

Navigating your care as a cancer patient needs to be as seamless as possible.

And, preferably, affordable. (You don’t want to be in a position where you have to decide between the best meds for you and financial security.)

Yet that’s the tough choice that many Americans face. Americans are experiencing higher rates of cancer and other illnesses that cause chronic nausea, and the prescription medications they require to battle that nausea are only getting more expensive.

At, we offer American patients a way to circumvent that tough choice. Here, you can send your prescription to our international drugstore and online Canadian pharmacy, browse our aisles online, order what you need in minutes (for less!), and get your anti-nausea medicines shipped to your front door.

Interested in learning more about how we can make your life easier? Chat with our friendly, responsive customer service team seven days a week, or call one of our on-staff pharmacists M-F to discuss your prescription. If you’re ready to place your order, you can do so online or over the phone.

In the meantime, check out our testimonials – we’re proud to have a 4.8/5 star average across thousands of verified online pharmacy customer reviews. We look forward to supporting you and your healthcare journey!

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