A Comprehensive Comparison of Sweeteners

It’s recommended that the American women consume 6 tsps. of sugar per day. However, on average they devour a heaping 22 tsps. There are many sweeteners that offer a more healthful way to make our food sweet. Learn about popular sugar substitutes and their benefits as well as sugar substitutes that can be harmful to your health.

Agave, although thought to be a healthy alternative, contains 70–80% fructose which is more than than high fructose corn syrup. Explore healthy liquid and granulated sweeteners. From the antioxidant rich maple syrup to the mineral rich jaggery—these sugar substitutes offer some sweet health benefits.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Sweeteners Infographic

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Cut the sugar and don’t replace it. Pretty simple. I no longer put sugar or any other sweetener in my coffee and it actually tastes better now. I remember when soda used to be an occasional treat instead of a daily beverage. That’s where the real problem (and solution) lies. If you are eating healthy foods you won’t need or even miss the sweetness. We don’t have to be slaves to our sweet-tooths. It will even make the occasional soda or ice cream that much better when you decide to have one.

On the large picture, telling yourself you can’t beat your addictions is weak and only leads to relapses. Nicotine, that some people describe as being more addictive than many hard street drugs, is powerless when people really want to quit. Sure, people know they should quit smoking but the ones that successfully quit are the ones that do it cold turkey; because they truly want to. People go back to smoking because deep down they want to smoke more than they know they shouldn’t.

You are partly animal and partly intellectual and you can decide which part you listen to. It is difficult to stop something even if you don’t really want to so be honest with yourself. No occasional treats for you. But its still the intellectual you that gets to decide.

Stevia is a great choice as an alternative to sugar! Made from the stevia plant, this sweetener contains 0 calories and will not cause your sugar to spike. It’s important to check the packaging as many powdered strevias are not 100% natural and may contain fillers and preservatives. When cooking or baking, substitute 1 teaspoon of powdered or liquid stevia for 1 cup of sugar.

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