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May 2022 - Newsletter #1

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Some of the Highest Level of Drug Shortages from Manufacturers in Years

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Back in February, we informed customers of a significant uptick in medications going out of stock worldwide.

We are now in the month of May 2022 and we are observing some of the highest level of manufacturer drug shortages we have seen in years. Recent media articles regarding just one class of drugs in the United Kingdom -- hormone replacement therapies -- help illustrate the situation.

Reports of pharmacies in the UK being short of estrogen patches, gels and other products used to treat menopause are widespread. On April 25th, The Guardian news outlet explained that the shortages are causing women to ration their doses or procure supplies from abroad.

The recent article in The Guardian reports:

In one week at the beginning of April, Kerri Sharp said she visited 12 pharmacies across London to try to fill her HRT prescription, with no luck.

“What’s frustrating is no one could say when they were expecting to get a new batch in. If you know there will be some coming in, it takes the stress away.”

The 61-year-old freelance book editor said several pharmacists told her she was one of 20 to 50 women they had seen who had been prescribed Oestrogel but were unable to get it. Sharp said one customer she met “shrugged her shoulders, saying: “Good luck - I’ve been everywhere.”

Instead, Sharp was forced to buy from an online pharmacy, at the cost of £42 for one month’s supply. She said she tried at least five other online pharmacies before finding one with Oestrogel in stock, and even then, the retailer was rationing it to one pack per order.

“It’s the route I’ve been able to find by absolute tenacity and research - I’ve not managed it through the usual established channels.”

It was meant to be a one-off, but Sharp doesn’t feel hopeful about supply returning soon: “It’s looking a bit bleak so I might have to purchase again. I’ll be back to square one in a month’s time.”

You Have an Advantage When It Comes to Prescription Drug Shortages customers have a distinct advantage during times of drug shortages because we have been sourcing products from our approved supply network, which spans several countries, for more than a decade. That way, if there is a shortage in one region for a medication you need, we are often able to quickly shift to one or more of our approved suppliers in other regions to procure your vital prescription drugs and get them on their way to you.

… our customers … are able to get medications through while consumers elsewhere have been in a scramble …

Since the pandemic began, many of our customers have experienced firsthand how they are able to get medications through while consumers elsewhere have been in a scramble to get those same vital prescription drugs that were unavailable locally and everywhere else they checked. Our procurement team has been working hard to secure continuity and consistency in your medication supply since the pandemic began and these efforts continue to be very successful.

What Happens When a Drug is Unavailable Worldwide and Even with

Despite our robust sourcing capabilities, some pharmaceutical products are shorted with no ETA in every region we are sourcing from and these are at some of the highest levels we’ve ever experienced. Many of these are issues at the manufacturer level which means we might not be able supply such products at all at the time a customer places an order for them. If the product you order is out of stock, you will promptly receive a call from a member of our team notifying you of this and any possible alternatives. We have implemented a program to keep orders for items that are out of stock with all our suppliers in a queue and then contact customers as soon as the item is available. Your payment for such an item will not be processed until it is ready to ship. If your desired product is not showing on our website or is marked out of stock there before you order it, please call us and we will do our best to give you the latest update on its supply.

Your Safety Comes First

We are acutely aware that timely delivery of your vital prescription medications is of critical importance but one very real consequence of the rise in drug shortages is a corresponding rise in criminals peddling counterfeit drugs and drug authenticity is a paramount concern to us. We know it is to you too.

You can be assured that will not permit its customer orders to be fulfilled outside of its licensed, vetted and trusted suppliers. This is to continue to ensure the safety and authenticity of products you receive through us. If that means there is a delay in sourcing inventory of drugs in short supply, then it is something for which there is no workaround. puts safety above expediency.

Plan Ahead So You Aren't in a Scramble

With the knowledge of the practical realities of the pandemic's impact on drug shortages, please plan ahead so that you're not in a scramble.

We remain vigilant and persistent in securing prescription drug supplies because things can and do change very quickly in the drug supply chain. So, we ask our customers to please order in advance. This gives us more time procure what might be difficult to source inventory and get it shipped to you well before you are going to run out of your supply at home. With more than 400,000 customer reviews, is the most reviewed and independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world providing lower cost medications from abroad to customers worldwide. Nobody offering safe and affordable pharmaceuticals from abroad can match our supply and delivery capacity so please be assured we are successfully leveraging all our capacity and ensuring orders reach customers as fast as possible in the circumstances.

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